The JVB Style Edit: How to style shorts at any age, no matter your number.

The short could easily be one of the unsung heroes in our closets. The kind that promises consistency, flattery and a don’t-know-what-to-wear solution, with the right styling touch. For women who may feel they’re “of a certain age”, opt for longer shorts and tailored pieces that can be worn as a short suit, or paired with a blouse for smart separates no matter your number.

A high waist and wider leg give the effect of cinching the waist, and shorts that land just below the knee (its all about the bermuda!) help elongate the leg when done with a pointed toe. A light cardigan makes for the perfect spring ensemble, comfortable, breathable and ready for temperate weather. Look for an interesting detail like an elongated collar or embellished buttons.

Taking a cue from street style and casual red carpet looks, above the knee works well with oversized or structured blazers and a simple shoe like a loafer, slide or classic sneaker to create an effortless chic look. To achieve a vintage cool vibe, a short suit in a statement color with a wide collar menswear inspired shirt adds a touch of nostalgia.

Get the look: A Few of Our Favorites

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