In celebration of the many facets and different ways love exists in the world, we asked friends we admire about their definitions of the greatest emotion.

Katie Holmes

On the feeling of love: Love feels nurturing and consistent. Love is thoughtful and kind. I think of my mom when I think of love. I miss her so much during the pandemic. She embodies love and I am grateful to be her daughter.

On creating more love: I am creating more love this year by spending more time with the people I love. And FaceTime counts!

Patti Wilson
Stylist, Editor-at-Large Vogue Italia

On the feeling of love: Love feels like solving a mystery. It takes many forms, and for me it’s in my work and the way I visualize a dream into reality. Since the pandemic, love has shown up in my life in new forms. I used to use my stove for heat and now I can actually cook. I don’t have a boyfriend and I don’t care either, I’d rather have a dog!

On creating more love: I’m creating more love by honoring and celebrating my team. My assistants and interns particularly are so passion driven and have an unconditional love for fashion. Working with them has inspired me to see things from a new point of view, and reminds me why I do this. 

Gabriela Hearst
Creative Director, Chloé

On the feeling of love: Love is my God. I serve and follow Love.

On creating more love: By loving more, loving your self more, gratefulness & humbleness.

Melissa Medvedich
Founder, Supernal

On the feeling of love: Love feels like so many things, but a facet that comes to mind is unconditional and selfless. I think about my husband Tom who will work so hard all week in the studio, but will not think twice about taking photos for me in the evenings or on weekends to help me grow my business. 

On creating more love: Kindness and practicing gratitude always.

Delfina Delettrez
Jewelry Designer

On the feeling of love: Love is the most powerful and natural emotion, but the most difficult emotion to explain. Love is being motivated to be the best version of yourself and especially in these uncertain times I want to give this image to my children, be strong and present.

On creating more love: Never like this year I wanted to celebrate love & Valentine’s Day- it is no coincidence that this year I introduced a collection named after one of my twins name “Dardo” which also means the arrow of Cupid- to celebrate not only the love between couples but also the one that extends to all the people you love – this is why this collection will remain available through our e-store all year round , to remind you to celebrate love 365 days per year.

Patricia Black
Creative, Actress, Director, Allbright Fashion Library

On the feeling of love: In my youth it was a longing to be the most important person to one person. Today it is sharing a life, breaking bread.. being present. Present to receive and to give.

On creating more love: To quote Stephen Sondheim;
“Someone to crowd you with loveSomeone to force you to care
Someone to make you come through
Who’ll always be there
As frightened as you”….

Maxine Goynes
Founder/Host, MG METHOD podcast, Actress

On the feeling of love: Love has most recently taught me that it feels like surrender & presence. I gravitate toward the vast sensations love can occupy in our everyday life: communication, consistency, curiosity and courage while remaining deeply optimistic that it can include exploration, playfulness and adventure. It feels like laughter on the grocery run, a strong hand before and after the deepest of tears, a constant whisper that reminds the soul “I’ve got you, you are safe and seen here.”

On creating more love: To create more love in my life I am exploring strategic and spontaneous design. To touch, taste, hear, see, smell with the permission to not only experience, but to express. I am working to not only create that in my life but to include others in my pursuit of a life well lived. Can we try this on and find the bravery in our souls to ask ourselves “How does that feel for you ?” with the patience to continue to either pursue or pivot.

Romy Soleimani
Makeup Artist

On the feeling of love: Love feels like sitting by the fire with my family warm  and cozy… Love feels like freedom. 

On creating more love: I am creating  more love in my life by traveling less and spending more time with my girls. Trying to be more present and more grounded.