After I rediscovered my love of printed pants, I've been inspired to keep things bright and continue incorporating more into my outfits. Print mixing can seem daunting, when really there are a few easy tips to make a statement outfit, starting with color.


Find the through color

The easiest way to ensure a print mix works is to find a common or similar color in both patterns. Without diving too far into color theory, go for colors that have the same intensity, are complimentary, or create a tonal look by mixing bold patterns with a smaller scale print.


Common geometry

The goal of combining prints is mixing to match—an imperfect combination that feels right. Another trick for styling a print-full look is by looking at shapes and matching patterns by negative space, or positive depending how you see it. The spacing within the prints creates a flow throughout the look. For example, pair circles with octagons, or a checkered piece with a diamond mate.


Different sizes

Marrying a delicate print with it’s maximized counterpart is another trick that takes the guesswork out of the equation. When it comes to floral on floral, all three of these tips apply since they have the most variation.