Blazers and suit jackets to style for any kind of day, work or play.

When even putting on a seatbelt or reaching for a tissue becomes a struggle, its time to ditch the stiff suit jacket and go for a something that reaches with us, high or low. As we move through our days from home office to outdoor cafe boardrooms, our outfits can move with us by opting for pieces that are just as flexible as ourselves in softer, lighter fabrics.

“Ready for business, without the stiffness. I love a fluid blazer for an easy look.”

Linen is a breathable choice as we move into warmer weather, and can be styled open, buttoned, or cinched with a belt. Look for a touch of jersey, cotton, or even a tiny bit of spandex in the composition. Style an oversized jacket with denim shorts and loafers, or a fitted cut with wide-leg pants for a flattering silhouette. The last thing we need is restrictive clothing, so in the spirit of living our lives from A to Z, here are a few examples of blazers and how to style them for a look that says ready for business, without the stiffness.