JVB Style is a series of styling tips, tricks, how-to's and favorites that feature Julia's timeless take on dressing.

For those who are finally done and over with sweatpants ( as much as we had our cozy blast), the first step out of loungewear for me is into denim. Easy, not too dressy (I never would have thought I’d say dressy and denim in the same sentence, but here we are). We all have our hero denim that goes first on heavy rotation, but after a few cycles through our best four pairs, it’s time for some excitement again. Here are my top choices for good looking, fun and flattering jeans. Ready to shop? 

JVB How-To Style Tips

When styling your denim, simple contrasting combos are the way to go. Think wider leg and mid to high rise paired with a small top, or in the case of Katie Holmes‘ look, create chic drama with angel on top, devil on the bottom and mix distressed jeans with a blouse that gives a touch of volume. Patchwork jeans with simple t-shirts or heather sweatshirts for an easy, authentic feel. When styling a slimmer leg pair of jeans, opt for an oversized top or pair your favorite high waisted slimmies (almost skinnies but not quite) with a large cropped sweater. A couple of my go-to’s, the paper bag waist and pleated denim cuts a great silhouette with a bodysuit or a slim turtleneck by bringing focus up to a slimmed waist line.