A step above a slipper, the elegant, understated house shoe makes a comeback in JVB style.

While the waist-up style trick is standard fare by now lest we be caught unprepared for an unexpected Zoom call, we can also look down, way down. In the case of opening the door for a socially distanced visit, a surprise delivery, or for cosy evenings with your S.O. when you’re finally feeling something other than just sweats, an elegant shoe that is not over the top makes all the difference in personal allure and feeling a little more put together.

Tired leggings or oversized sweat pants change the second we dip our feet into these carefully selected and tested beauties. By elongating the foot with a pointed toe and a little dazzle, the sophistication of the slightly overdressed, sometimes even sexy shoe can make us feel transformed. From ballet to Mary Jane, sling backs to pointed toe flats, here are our favorites simple, for when we need a Cinderella moment at home.