Feeling the spring burnout? Squeeze in a little R&R at these exclusive getaways.

Image: The Ranch Malibu, CA

Image: The Ranch Malibu, CA

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Feeling the spring burnout? Squeeze in a little R&R at these exclusive getaways. Unplug and reset at these holistic wellness retreats that will recharge your mind and rejuvenate your body.


We Care Spa, California

$3,704/week (standard) and $7,559/week (luxury)

Located 15 minutes outside of Palm Springs, this detox program starts with a colon cleanse to kickstart your metabolism. No solid foods are permitted the whole time here. The meals are a combination of organic vegetable juices, alkalized lemon water, pureed soups, nut milks, supplements, herbal teas and juice cleanses. For those of weak will, the spa has everything scheduled, from your first meal to what type of treatment (like hypnotherapy) your body needs to feel re-balanced.


The Ranch Malibu, California

$4,200 for 4 days to $7,800/week

Nestled in the forested Santa Monica Mountains “Ranchers” (as the retreat calls them) are housed in sprawling rustic private cottages three miles away from the Pacific Ocean. There is no access to cellphones or televisions and limited WiFi for complete detoxification of the body and mind. They have a set fitness schedule and cut your diet to 1,400 calorie-a-day organic plant-based with dishes like Portobello steak and zucchini lasagna. The rest of your day is filled with a pick of daily hikes, body sculpting exercises, weight-lifting, yoga, meditation, and deep tissue massages, followed by nap time for the body to recuperate. If anything, the hikes backdropped by scenic views of the Californian outdoors is sure to take your mind off things.


Palace Merano, italy

€3,600 for 6 days

As one of Europe’s most exclusive spas, this wellness resort offers everything you need to decompress and get your body back in check. It’s a much welcomed respite when you’re feeling burned out or have neglected your diet. Based around the Chenot Method, this retreat is about fostering good health through changing your habits. There’s everything from doctor-led medical examinations, individualized fitness programs to cellular resonance treatments, aromatic baths, and hydro-massages.


The Original Mayr, Austria

€ 920 for a week

The least intensive of the four, The Mayr retreat is all about promoting good health through the gut. Your health is your wealth and good digestion equals good health, according to Mayr’s philosophy. Your visit starts with a colon cleanse and kinesiology test that’s as intense as things get, fitness-wise. The sole focus is to reset your body from the inside out through plant based meals, yoga, massages, body wraps and detox baths.

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