More than just another CBD retailer, Boutique by Stoned Fox follows an ethos rooted in creativity and community. Founder Lola Langusta tells us more about their approach to conscious consumption.

According to Boutique by Stoned Fox, “conscious consumption is sexy”, and we couldn’t agree more. DJ and producer Lola Langusta started Stoned Fox marketing agency with the intention of elevating cannabis brands with ethical, and sustainable values. The goal: pushing the needle towards a more inclusive industry by helping shape complete lifestyle brands with a fusion of fashion, music, culture, and art — stoner chic, if you will. The Boutique is the next iteration, a creatively and selectively curated shop of CBD products and accessories. From handmade delights (edibles akin to Turkish delights) infused with single strain flower rosin to vegan body oil and hand rolled organic CBD joints, shoppers can browse by product or by vibe. Whether your’e looking for creativity, beauty, rest, recovery or euphoria, The Boutique brings together a community of intentional, high quality cannabis for aficionados and dabblers alike.

JVBCOM: The Stoned Fox motto “rewrite the script” has a nuanced and multifaceted meaning. How does this inform both the agency and the boutique? 

Lola Langusta: “Rewrite the script” is a double entendre and can be interpreted in so many ways. As for the agency side, it is a testament to how we choose to conduct business, who we work with, and the voices we elevate. It is also a reminder to rewrite the script medicinally. Learning to heal ourselves in a healthier more conscious way is a lifestyle choice we hope to encourage others to embody. 

Lola Langusta

JVBCOM: What inspired you to launch The Boutique

LL: Stoned Fox is re-imaging what the space between popular culture, plant wellness, and conscious consumption looks like. The Boutique has always been a part of the dream plan and is the online answer to our boutique hotel experience Fleurtasia, which we plan on taking all around the globe. 

JVBCOM: How did your experience with Stoned Fox the agency and the Fleurtasia experiential events (pre Covid) help set the stage for Boutique?

LL: Our events are always such a huge success and I say that with excitement, wonderment and gratitude. We had people coming back everyday and staying for two to four hours at our pop-up as well as reaching out to see if Fleurtasia was still open weeks after we had closed. Between the excitement of our pop-up we also found that many of our brand partners were interested also in distribution, so I felt it was such a beautiful opportunity to offer a 360 approach into our creative and marketing initiatives, at the same time offering a platform that assists with metrics to offer our partners a way to see a financial return.  We think of it as a fresh take on marketing and offering an additional support system to both our partners and Stoned Fox, which made it a very synergetic way of building our community and business. Our partner’s success is ultimately our success. 

JVBCOM: How would you define the Stoned Fox community? 

LL: A Stoned Fox by  definition and pretty much sums it all up,  is an individual who is alluring, consciously aware, often referred to as a “free thinker”. Known for cultivating cannabis culture, the arts, and radical transformation… and they just happen to have really really incredible taste.

JVBCOM: Let’s talk about access and attainability. When it comes to luxury, many think of designer products and wares but we believe it’s been unpacked to include how we experience the things we love, access to information, and how we attain mindset – could you tell us about your own experience with redefining this? 

LL: We all want to feel “luxurious” and many define that as physical wealth which is another discussion. I am a firm believer that luxury is a mindset and yes money does come in handy when you are desirous of a fancy spa and expensive hotels or that dream trip, but I believe imagination, resourcefulness, knowledge and gratitude can produce immense luxury without the feeling of lack. It’s all in the mindset and how you re-recreate your world. I always say —

“Our mind is the easiest place to escape to, and the hardest to escape from.”

The problem is through TV, Film, societal pressure, music, instagram etc. we have been hardwired to feel and see luxury as something unattainable for most, and it makes those that don’t have physical wealth can feel a constant state of lack, depression, resentment and envy which in turn causes poverty and sickness because you can’t move beyond what you physically see. That’s a hard and disastrous loop to be in and many of us live and die in that loop. It takes a courageous and extremely determined person to move through it and learn to release ego and pride in order to feel true peace. I have experienced this loop firsthand the majority of my life and at times still get stuck in it, but I’m grateful I have the knowledge and the awareness to move through it. It’s a constant life’s work to remain determined and faithful to this way of thinking. It is so easy to get sucked back into the delusions of the subconscious, which has no sense of humor and will play out the lies or the traumas we have once faced in a constant pattern.  If we can assist in shifting this mindset in the way we create and conduct business, and in some capacity inspire others to shift their mindset and do the same, then that is the real gift.

JVBCOM: How can we as consumers equip ourselves to make a difference when it comes to sustainable and ethical CBD? 

LL: Do your research; this is medicine and if you are using it for anxiety, high blood pressure, inflammation, epilepsy  you should learn a little about the plant. Knowledge is key! We work with some of the best in the business and nationwide certified farmers. We also carry all the COA’s ( lab tests ) for each product, and are working on building out an option for each guest to review. If a brand does not offer that, I wouldn’t trust it. Research the brand before you purchase it, learn who the makers are or the story behind the brand — (the people who run things matter) and always shop small and independent as much as you can. 

JVBCOM: How has your business approach changed since founding Boutique? 

LL: We just launched so we are going to see how everything plays out but we are focused on “working smarter not harder”. As a small self funded company we worked nearly for free to build what we have and it took a huge toll on my mental and physical health and after losing my main source of income in 2020 ( Dj’ing) that is no longer an option. The Boutique and our brand partners are our main focus with creative and marketing initiatives, along with Fleurtasia. We also have created two incredible products that are nearly ready for launch and currently in the process of working toward securing investment and partners. 

JVBCOM: What is your dream for Boutique by Stoned Fox? 

LL: This is all a part of a bigger plan and everything will synergistically connect when the time is right. I do have this grand vision for The Stoned Fox Headquarters which will include a dispensary, boutique, coffee shop, and listening lounge as well as office, showroom, production studio and event space. It’s a 3 level work of art and I have a few dream spaces already lined up. I also recently built out and designed a hotel concept for a dream purchase in Palm Springs and though funding may not have manifested in time, the vision and interest is still very prominent, and feels attainable in some magical realm of the unknown future.

JVBCOM: What is one of your favorite ways to enjoy CBD? 

LL: Oh wow, let me count the ways. Oh wait, you said one…. that’s hard, I love so many. I typically enjoy tinctures and topicals mostly. I absolutely love starting my day with the Ginger Black Pepper CBD from Remedy. It is so delicious with subtle flavors that pack a kick, I even add it to my morning tea.  The Daily Restorative from Arder Botanicals is also a true favorite. It smells, tastes and takes me back to Teramino, Sicily with its gorgeous and rich Sicilian orange olive oil. I’ll take a full dropper of this while I’m doing my morning beauty routine, since I also like to indulge and put this all over my face. 
For my sweet fix, Rose Los Angeles CBD Delights from chef Enrique Olvera are on another level, you’re going to just have to try for yourself, but then again all of their flavors are incredible and we currently carry five different Delights you can choose from on our site. I also really love the Flora + Bast CBD Deep Sleep Gummies, I’ll take two and I’ll have the best sleep. I always feel so relaxed and clear in the morning, instead of frantic and stressed, I’m obsessed. Lastly, I do love a good oHHo CBD Pre-roll when I need to cut back on the THC. They keep me calm and focused while I do my work. 

The Boutique by Stoned Fox launches this week. Check out Lola’s exclusive launch playlist below — perfect for shopping, working, or vibing.