Whenever I travel there is a certain level of comfort I like to maintain, a level that doesn’t always come with a hotel. While luxury hotels have been the long standing option even they cannot compete with the intimate comforts of a home. That said the recent launch of Airbnb Luxe has been a dream come true.

words by JESSICA FIELDSTravel

Treat yourself and travel the world in style and pure luxury with Airbnb Luxe.

The latest venture from the brand that has now become the standard in vacation bookings uses acquired properties around the world for extravagant getaways. The idea to make travel accommodations eco-friendly by using existing homes as rentals is what Airbnb is all about, and with mobile ease you can now plan a luxurious stay at a villa, château, penthouses or even a castle. Aside from the beautifully furnished and expertly designed homes the thing that truly sets Airbnb Luxe apart from competitor sites and luxury hotels is the trip designer and the add on services and amenities.

The trip designer, which is included in every booking, acts as your personal concierge and will help you “design” your trip every step of the way. From questions about your stay, to local activities and excursions for custom itineraries, the trip designer is a personal touch that makes planning your trip carefree and effortless. 

“The new tier of Airbnb is making luxury travel attainable and affordable to all those who desire to indulge in opulent vacations and getaways.”

Often when traveling it can be difficult to find kid friendly rentals and since children certainly benefit from the comforts of a home, the additional services Airbnb Luxe offers are absolutely amazing. Amenities like car rental and driver services, an in home chef and fresh groceries delivered and appropriately put away take the stress out of traveling and allow you to enjoy your getaway in its entirety. There is even an add on option for childcare should you need a last minute sitter. Each booking also comes with your choice of a host, on or offsite, who will be available to answer any questions, help you navigate the property or ensure that you have fresh towels daily. 

Right now Airbnb Luxe offers over 2,000 homes in 35 locations to choose from like Marrakesh, Bali, New Zealand, Anguilla, Jamaica, Tuscany, Aspen, Palm Springs and Park City just to name a few. The perfectly manicured estates were carefully chosen based on a 300 point criteria to make certain that each home meets the form, function and mood standards Airbnb Luxe aims to provide. So, with this new foray you are sure to have a curated travel experience that has been elevated to your desired taste.